List of metrics per workload

ADFS monitoring

  • Authentication Time

  • Certificate Expiration Date

Azure AD Connect monitoring

  • Last Synchronization Date

  • Synchronization Errors

Exchange Mailbox monitoring


  • Domain Controllers LDAP Read Time

  • Domain Controllers LDAP Search Time

  • Processes LDAP Read Time

  • Processes LDAP Search Time

  • Processor Percentage Time

  • Processor User Percentage Time

  • Processor Privileged Percentage Time

  • Processor Queue Length

  • Memory Committed Bytes In Use Percentage

  • .Net CLR Memory GC Percentage Time

  • Network Packets Outbound Errors

  • ASPNet Application Restarts

  • ASPNet Worker Process Restarts

  • ASPNet Request Wait Time

  • ASPNet Requests In Application Queue

  • Exchange Mailbox Disk


  • Database Reads (Attached) Average Latency Time

  • Database Writes (Attached) Average Latency Time

  • Database Log Writes Average Latency Time

  • Database Reads (Recovery) Average Latency Time

  • Store RPC Requests

  • Client Type RPC Average Latency Time

  • Store RPC Average Latency Time

Client Access

  • RPC Client Access Averaged Latency Time

  • RPC Client Access Requests


  • Number of Messages In Queue

Exchange Edge monitoring

  • Exchange Edge Processor Time

  • Exchange Edge RAM

  • Exchange Edge Poison Queue Length

  • Exchange Edge Submission Queue Length

  • Exchange Edge Unreachable Queue Length

  • Exchange Edge Disk

Exchange Online monitoring

  • Modern Auth Connection Execution Time

  • Create Folder Execution Time

  • Delete Folder Execution Time

  • Create Message Execution Time

  • Upload Attachment Execution Time

  • Download Attachment Execution Time

  • Remove Attachment Execution Time

  • Create Task Execution Time

  • Delete GSX Created Tasks Execution Time

  • Search Using Filter Execution Time

  • Create Meeting Execution Time

  • Query Free/Busy Execution Time

  • Delete GSX Created Events Execution Time

Mail Routing monitoring

Hybrid Mail Routing

  • Hybrid Mail Routing Performance Status

  • Hybrid Mail Routing Critical Status

  • Hybrid Mail Routing number of InBound Hops

  • Hybrid Mail Routing number of OutBound Hops

  • Hybrid Mail Routing InBound Hops details

  • Hybrid Mail Routing OutBound Hops details

Internal Mail Routing

  • Internal Mail Routing Performance Status

  • Internal Mail Routing Critical Status

  • Internal Mail Routing Time

  • Internal Mail Routing number of Hops

  • Internal Mail Routing Hops details

Roundtrip Mail Routing

  • Roundtrip Mail Routing Performance Status

  • Roundtrip Mail Routing Critical Status

  • Roundtrip Mail Routing Time

  • Roundtrip Mail Routing number of Hops

  • Roundtrip Mail Routing Hops details

SMTP Mail Routing

  • SMTP Gateways Mail Routing Time

  • SMTP Gateways Mail Routing number of Hops

  • SMTP Gateways Mail Routing Hops details 

MS Service Health

  • Azure Information Protection

  • Dynamics 365

  • Exchange Online

  • Flow in Microsoft 365

  • Identity Service

  • Microsoft Forms

  • Microsoft Intune

  • Microsoft Kaizala

  • Microsoft StaffHub

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Mobile Device Management for Office 365

  • Office 365 Portal

  • Office Client Applications

  • Office for the web

  • Office Subscription

  • OneDrive for Business

  • Planner

  • PowerApps in Microsoft 365

  • Power BI

  • SharePoint Online

  • Skype for Business

  • Yammer Enterprise


Exchange Network

  • Exchange: Average TCP Time

  • Exchange: 95%ile TCP Time

  • Exchange: Average Packet Loss

  • Exchange: 95%ile Packet Loss

  • Exchange: Average Packet Loss by App

SharePoint Network

  • SharePoint: Average TCP Time

  • SharePoint: 95%ile TCP Time

  • SharePoint: Average Packet Loss

  • SharePoint: 95%ile Packet Loss

  • SharePoint: Average Packet Loss by App

Teams Network

  • Teams: Average TCP Time

  • Teams: 95%ile TCP Time

  • Teams: Average Packet Loss

  • Teams: 95%ile Packet Loss

  • Teams: Average Packet Loss by App

OneDrive Online monitoring

  • Login Execution Time

  • Upload Execution Time

  • Download Execution Time

Skype for Business monitoring

  • Packet Loss Rate

  • Round Trip Latency

  • Average Jitter

  • Packet Reorder Ratio

  • Degradation Average

  • Healed Percentage

  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

Teams monitoring

  • Login

  • Voice call

  • Packet Loss Rate

  • Round Trip Latency

  • Average Jitter

  • Packet Reorder Ratio

  • Degradation Average

  • Healed Percentage

  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

Teams Advanced monitoring

  • Login

  • Voice call

  • Create a channel

  • Post a message to a channel

  • Upload file to a channel

  • Download file from a channel

  • Search a user

  • Check presence

  • Send Instant Message

Teams Video monitoring

  • Number of Data Points

  • Video Average Jitter

  • Video Max Jitter

  • Outbound Video Packets Lost

  • Video Round-Trip Time

  • Connection Available Outgoing Bitrate

  • Outbound Video FIR Count

  • Outbound Video PLI Count

  • Outbound Video NACK Count

  • Outbound Video QP Sum

  • Outbound Video Packets Sent

  • Outbound Video Retransmitted Packets Sent

  • Outbound Video Bytes Sent

  • Outbound Video Header Bytes Sent

  • Outbound Video Frames Encoded

  • Outbound Video Total Packet Send Delay

  • Outbound Video Quality Limitation Reason

  • Outbound Video Quality Limitation Resolution Changes

  • Outbound Video Frames Sent

  • Outbound Video Huge Frames Sent

  • Outbound Video Frame Rate

  • Outbound Video Key Frames Encoded

  • Inbound Video Jitter Buffer Delay

  • Inbound Video Jitter Buffer Emitted Count

  • Inbound Video Bytes Received

  • Inbound Video FIR Count

  • Inbound Video PLI Count

  • Inbound Video QP Sum

  • Inbound Video NACK Count

  • Inbound Video Frames Decoded

  • Inbound Video Packets Lost

  • Inbound Video Packets Received

  • Inbound Video Total Interframe Delay

  • Inbound Video Total Squared Interframe Delay

  • Inbound Video Total Freezes Duration

  • Inbound Video Total Pause Duration

  • Inbound Video Total Frames Duration

  • Inbound Video Frames Dropped

  • Inbound Video Freeze Count

  • Inbound Video Pause Count

  • Inbound Video Frames Received

URL monitoring

  • URL HTTP Status Code Success

  • URL Performance Status

  • Average URL Response Time

  • URL Detailed Information