What is the GSX Gizmo Robot?

Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 does not come with built-in end-to-end service quality monitoring. Office 365 is only able to tell you the status of the service inside the Microsoft datacenter. Therefore, you have a blind spot on everything in-between your end-users and the Microsoft cloud.

To understand the service quality, you are delivering to your sites and business lines, you need an Office 365 monitoring tool that continuously tests the user experience, from where your users are located.

GSX Robot Users have been designed to do this. Contrary to any other application performance monitoring tool, they perform synthetic transactions on Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams actions using Microsoft rich clients while also testing the network conditions.

How it works

The GSX Robot Manager is a piece of Software that you can install on any Windows-based OS (Windows 10 ideally). It runs in the background as a Windows Service and is responsible for the synthetic transactions running on the system. The results are then sent to the central GSX Gizmo server through encrypted communication. The impact is minimal, result files are typically under 10KB, sent every 5 minutes and the bandwidth used for the tests is minimal.

To install the Robot Manager we provide a PowerShell script that takes care of everything for you, and it typically takes less than 5 minutes !