Server Installation

Applies to on-premises

Installing GSX Gizmo package

Server prerequisites must be met.

Check Server prerequisites here

GSX Gizmo package contains the files below:

  • GSXGizmo.1.x.x.exe

  • GsxGizmoDescriptions.1.x.x.CloudEssentials.exe

This procedure must be done on the station dedicated to Gizmo Server.

Executing the GSXGizmo.1.x.x.exe file

The General Installation screen appears.

  • Change the default Extraction folder if desired.

  • Enter the email address of a responsible user.

  • Click Next.

The Prerequisites screen appears.

  • For on-premises installation, leaving both boxes checked is suggested.

  • Click Next.

The Packages downloads screen appears.

  • Enter the server name.

  • Using the default Packages locations is suggested.

  • Click Next.

The Microservices screen appears.

This screen allows you to select which microservices will be used.

  • The default settings are recommended.

  • Click Next.

The Ready to start Installation screen appears.

  • Click Finish to start the installation.

It opens a PowerShell window, showing various Microsoft components are added.

  • Close this PowerShell window.

You can now install the Scan Configurations.

Executing the GsxGizmoDescriptions.1.x.x.CloudEssentials.exe file

This procedure must be done on the station dedicated to Gizmo Server.

  • The file will open in a PowerShell window.

Deployment is now completed!