How to retrieve Robot Manager log and result


When troubleshooting or investigating results for planning deployment you might be requested to provide log files or “scanResults” files from a specific workload on the Robot Manager machine.
This article describes how to easily get this information.


  • Execute the following script on Gizmo Server:

$robotMan = Get-GsxRobotManager
$scanConf = Get-GsxScanConfiguration
$robotMan | foreach {
   # Robot Manager Alias/Location
   Write-Host '************************************************************************************************************' -ForegroundColor Cyan
   Write-Host $_.Alias" - "$_.TagValues[0].TagKeyName':'$_.TagValues[0].Value  -ForegroundColor Cyan
   Write-Host '************************************************************************************************************' -ForegroundColor Cyan
   # More info on RM
   $_ | ft Alias, Hostname, Description,RegistrationState, HeartBeatDate, HeartBeatState, Version, Guid
     $robotAppwithDetails = @{}
       $robotAppwithDetails = Get-GsxRobotApp -RobotManagerGuid $_.Guid | sort AppAlias | foreach {
       $robotApp = $_
       $scanConfigApp = $scanConf | where {$_.Guid -eq $robotApp.ScanConfigurationGuid}
       #$robotApp | ft appalias, LogOnAsUser, ServiceState, LastError, HeartBeatDate, guid 
       ScanConfig = $scanConfigApp.Alias
       Guid = $robotApp.guid
       HeartBeatDate = $robotApp.HeartBeatDate
       ServiceState = $robotApp.ServiceState
       LogOnAsUser = $robotApp.LogOnAsUser
       AppAlias = $robotApp.appalias
       #ScanConfig2 = $scanConfigApp |  where {$_.Guid -eq $robotApp.ScanConfigurationGuid} | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Alias
       LastError = $robotApp.LastError
 $robotAppwithDetails | ft    

  • Identify the "workload" in question in the result.

  • Copy the "guid".

  • Log in to the Robot Manager machine.

  • Browse to the folder with the copied guid:

  • Copy the requested materials.

For "scan results", copy the content of "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSX Solutions\Robot Manager\<GUID>\Apps <GUID>\ScanResults"

For "Logs", copy the content of "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSX Solutions\Robot Manager\<GUID>\Logs"