How to Scan Exchange Online without Autodiscover

This article describes the steps required to deploy a GSX Robot App scanning Exchange Online without Autodiscover.

We will update the "ewsURI" and disable Autodiscover scanning for the Scan Configuration before using it on a RobotApp.


  • Get your deployed "No AutoDiscover ScanConfiguration".

$r = Get-GsxScanConfiguration -Guid 'b4a7b9e5-2f25-4e02-99ad-62a5351db052'

  • Add Parameter ewsURI


MUST be ewsURI

  • Add Parameter disableAutoDiscover


MUST be disableAutoDiscover

MUST be $True

  • Update your ScanConfiguration

Set-GsxScanConfiguration -ScanConfigurationGuid $r.Guid -TemplateGuid $r.TemplateGuid -Alias $r.Alias -ScanFrequencyInSeconds $r.ScanFrequencyInSeconds -Parameters $r.Parameters -MinorChange $true

Applies to

GSX Gizmo Boston 1.2 Cloud Essentials | Exchange Online Autodiscover


  • "The Autodiscover service couldn't be located."

  • "Autodiscover failed check username and password"

  • Exchange Online not able to scan.