Error AADSTS50011 after enabling Single Sign-On


Applies to Gizmo 1.8+

This article describes the steps required to allow Single Sign-On to perform successfully.

After enabling Single Sign-On you receive an error “AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application: 'bc8efea5-2a0d-4181-ad8f-f0aa5b7cb525“.


This error occurs because you have an on-premises deployment of GSX Gizmo and the Single Sign-On integration does not contain a redirect URI for your own Gizmo URL.


  • Make a note of the Gizmo URL used in your company (should be similar to “”).

  • Share that URL with GSX Support and/or your sales account manager.

  • GSX will then put an IT Request in place so that these URLs are accepted and added to the redirect URIs.

  • In the meantime you can connect on the GSX Gizmo server and access the application using “https://localhost/

If you wish to restore access to everyone while waiting for the redirect URI to be added, you can disable Single Sign-On from the top right preferences.