Troubleshooting a failed installation

Applies to Gizmo Boston 1.7+

This article aims to provide guidance on troubleshooting failed installations. At this time the goal is to collect as much information as possible on the environment and conditions of the failed installation.


Please collect and provide the following information:

  • Describe the symptom (failed scenario) with as many details as possible.

  • Provide screenshots of the error(s) encountered.

  • Collect installation Logs located at: C:\ProgramData\Gsx Solutions\Installer Logs\

Note that the zip file will be created once the installer wizard is closed.

  • If an issue occurred, you can provide all the logs (Installation logs and the microservices logs) by creating a zip file with the following folders located at C:\ProgramData\Gsx Solutions\:

    • Alert

    • Data Tier

    • Installer Logs

    • Preprocessing

    • Scan Configuration

    • Status Calculation

    • WebUI

  • Environment specifics

  • Server OS

    • SQL used (Location, Version, Authentication…)

    • RabbitMQ used (existing or packaged in installation)

    • Upgrade or Fresh installation

  • List of installed programs

Contacting GSX Support

Please create a ZIP containing the collected information to raise a Support ticket with GSX:

  • Environment specifics.

  • GSX logs.

  • Screenshot(s) of the error message.

  • Windows Event Application and System Logs saved as .evtx files.

  • Etc.