How to define the Robot Manager's location

Applies to on-premises

The geographic location of each Robot Manager is an essential tag for optimizing the value of the GSX Dashboards. Here is how to obtain and set that value for each Robot Manager.

This procedure must be done on the station dedicated to Gizmo Server.

  • Open the GSX PowerShell console located on the Gizmo Server.

  • Enter the cmdlet Get-GsxRobotManager

  • Copy the GUID.

  • Enter the cmdlet Set-GsxRobotManager -Guid 'xxx' -Tags @{Location="zzz"}

where xxx is the GUID,

where zzz is the location name.

  • In the following example, one robot is set for Nice and one for Bordeaux location.

Check the location name typing the cmdlet (Get-GsxRobotManager).TagValues