How to update a threshold

Applies to: Gizmo 1.8+ | On-Premises

This should be done on the Windows Server machine hosting Gizmo.


  1. Open a PowerShell editor (e.g. PowerShell ISE) as Administrator.

  2. Make sure the Gizmo environment is loaded.

    # Load GSX environment in ISE
    . "C:\ProgramData\Gsx Solutions\GsxManagementShellLoader.ps1"
  3. Review the existing thresholds. For example, to review Teams related threshold, run the following command:

    Get-GsxThreshold | where {$_.Name -like '*Teams*'}
  4. Update the identified threshold referencing its ID, as below for updating the Teams Critical threshold:

    Set-GsxThreshold -Id 1 -Value 3.6
  5. On successful completion the updated threshold value should be displayed: