GSX Gizmo Boston 1.7.0

Release Notes - Version 1.7.0 February 20, 2019

New Features

  • Network metrics: Network metrics are now part of this Boston version, tests include the various Office 365 endpoints for Exchange, Teams and SharePoint.

  • Mail Routing: Mail Routing scenario now provide dashboards to further analyze the mail flow path and better keep track of Internal Mail Routing and Inbound/Outbound Mail Routing flow.

  • Offline Installer: An offline installer can now be leveraged for the Boston version for on-premises clients with no direct internet access.

  • Power Automate Alerting: Alerts can now be sent through WebHooks and a template exist to support Power Automate. Power Automate allows to connect to any of the existing connectors and can therefore adapt to any of the company’s processes.

  • PowerShell Cmdlets: Alerts, Thresholds, Delivery Systems, Tags can now all be managed through PowerShell cmdlets allowing for scripting and automation (On-Premises Boston version only).

  • OneDrive / SharePoint User Experience: A custom file size can now be specified for OneDrive/SharePoint scenarios as well as configuring the target (can be any SharePoint Document library or the user’s OneDrive). [Subject to license type]

Fixed Issues

  • Exchange on-premises template performance counters have been adjusted

  • Exchange "Average time per action" graph now has a legend

  • Alert showing incomplete status message have been corrected

  • OneDrive Performance SLA interpretation in real-time UI now inline if 100% down

  • GSX Robot can recover even if xml files are corrupted

  • OneDrive connectivity error has better error message

  • Robots Health dashboard no longer times out on large environments

  • Office 365 Health Alerts match the Office 365 Service Health dashboard names

  • Office 365 Health Connectivity Alerts reference Execution time and have now a retry

Known Limitation

  • Gizmo installer executable must be launched with administrator rights.

  • Passwords set for existing RabbitMQ and existing SQL database should not contain special characters like: slash, back-slash, quote, back-quote, double-quote, space+dash, space+dollar.
    Notice that the local installation will generate a password only with letters and numbers.

  • “GSX Downloads“ default path should not be changed. “Downloads folder” should always be: “C:\ProgramData\Gsx Solutions\Downloads“

  • RabbitMQ AMQPS protocol is only supported for GSX Gizmo SaaS environments (no sensitive information transits on this communication, and all parameters are encrypted with the Robot Manager machine local certificate).

List of Components


  • Gsx Scan Configuration 3.2.0

  • Gsx Data Tier 1.3.0

  • Gsx Preprocessing 2.2.2

  • Gsx Status Calculation 2.10.0

  • Gsx Alert 1.13.1

  • Gsx Web UI 1.7.2

Downloadable components

Scan Components













Robot Manager





  • Templates information & scan configuration

    • Exchange Online

    • Exchange Online Network

    • Internal Mail Routing

    • Office 365 Health
      One Drive

    • Roundtrip Mail Routing

    • SharePoint Network

    • Skype for Business Voice

    • Teams

    • Teams Network

  • Preview Templates information & scan configuration

    • Exchange On-Premise Performance Counters (Preview)

    • Hybrid Mail Routing (Preview)

    • SMTP Gateways (Preview)

    • URL (Preview)