Deploy Gizmo Analytics Power BI Reports

GSX Gizmo Analytics leverages Microsoft Power BI Desktop to publish dashboards. This procedure explains how to use Power BI templates.

“Power BI Desktop is a free desktop application you can install right on your own computer. Power BI Desktop works cohesively with the Power BI service and allows to open templates and publish them to Power BI Online Service.”


Importing data in your report

  • Download and install Power BI Desktop

  • Download the Power BI template (.pbit file) provided by GSX.

  • Power BI Desktop is running.

  • Click the link to enter your Power BI license associated with your Office 365 account on the next screen.

Now you are connected under your use account.

  • Enter the SQL Server and Database in the required fields (Use 01/01/2020 and 01/01/2025 RangeStart and RangeEnd)

  • Choose “Database” and enter the credentials that were provided to you

Now the template is loading data from the SQL Server.

After a few minutes of data import the report should load:

You can then publish this report to a workspace in your Power BI Service Online.

Publishing the report to Power BI Service

In order to publish the template you must have a workspace existing in Power BI (how to create a workspace) and then:

  1. From Power BI Dekstop click “Publish“

  2. Select the workspace where you wish your Team to access the Gizmo data:

  3. Wait until it is available online:

  4. Once fully ready click the link and share the dashboard with your Team!