Dashboards management

This feature is only available to Administrators.

  • Dashboards management screen displays workloads available in the application.

  • Each workload corresponds to a dashboard visible in the Dashboards menu.

The padlock means the dashboard is a System Dashboard.
System Dashboards are workloads available by default when installing the application.

  • You can easily enable or disable a dashboard using its Active button.

Create a Custom Dashboard

Creating a Custom Dashboard means you have to duplicate an existing System Dashboard.

  • Click the Actions button of the desired workload.

  • Then click Duplicate.

Your Custom Dashboard is now added at the bottom of the list.

  • Contrary to System Dashboards, Custom Dashboards can be removed using the Actions button and do not include a padlock.

  • Ensure the Active button is enabled to display the dashboard from the left side menu.

  • You can rename your Custom Dashboard within the dashboard itself, in edition mode (see the Dashboards view).