How to remove a Robot Manager from Gizmo


Applies to [Boston 2.0+]

If the machine where the Gizmo Robot Manager is installed is not healthy, or if you would like to remove a Robot Manager from the Gizmo application, follow the procedure below.


  • Access the Gizmo WebUI.
  • Navigate to Settings > Robots.
  • Select the Robot Manager you would like to remove:

  • Click the X  in the corner of each Configuration name to remove the Configuration from Robot Manager:

  • A message displays, asking you to confirmation the removal of the Configuration. Click Remove.

  • Repeat the process for every Configuration on the Robot Manager.

  • Log on to the Gizmo server.
  • Open the GSX Management shell, using the shortcut created on the server desktop.
  • Enter the following command to see the list of Robot Managers that are installed and their health states:

Get-GsxRobotManager | Select Hostname, Guid, Heartbeatstate

  • Copy the GUID of the Robot Manager that you want to remove.
  • Type the following command and paste the GUID that you copied in the previous step:

  • The Powershell output shows as “True.”
  • Refresh the Gizmo WebUI and verify that the Robot Manager has been removed from Robots management page.
  • If the  Robot Manager machine is reachable, uninstall the Robot Manager from the Control Panel.