How to Configure Prerequisites for Monitoring Office 365 Health

Vantage DX Monitoring uses the Microsoft Graph API to monitor the Office 365 Health workload. Any applications that need to access the API must have the correct permissions configured in Azure Active Directory by the tenant administrator.

Martello recommends that you register the Vantage DX Monitoring Robot application and allow it to access the Microsoft Graph API; however, if necessary, you can register your own application instead.

This article outlines how to register your own application to monitor the Office 365 Health workload.

If you are following the recommendation to register the Vantage DX Monitoring Robot application, refer to the appropriate guide for your deployment for more information:

  • Vantage DX Monitoring Cloud Deployment Guide

  • Vantage DX Monitoring Installation GuideOn-Premises Deployments

The guides are available on the Martello website at:

To register and use your own application, follow the procedure below.

(blue star) Use your own application

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Register the application in the Azure Portal. For instructions, refer to the following Microsoft documentation:

  2. Assign the following permissions to the application:

    ·         ServiceHealth.Read.All—Read service health.

    ·         Users.Read—Sign in and read user profile.

  3. Record the Client ID. You need this ID to grant consent to the application, and you also need to enter this information in the Vantage DX Monitoring WebUI when you configure monitoring for the workload.

  4. Grant tenant-wide admin consent to the application. To to the following URL, where <Application_ClientID> is the Client ID of the application. Ensure that you are using an admin account:<Application_ClientID> 

  5. Configure the workload in the Vantage DX Monitoring WebUI using the Client ID that you recorded in Step 3.

For information about how to grant tenant-wide admin consent for an application, see: