How to create a clientID for the Exchange User Experience scenarios

Applies to: Gizmo 1.8+

This should be done with an Azure Administrator account (so this can be consented for the entire organization).


  • Login to ““ with an Administrator account.

  • Go to “Azure AD”.

  • Then “App Registrations“.

  • Click “New registration”.

  • Enter a name, for example “EWS Access (GSX Gizmo)”.

  • Click “Register”.

  • Click “View API Permissions”.

  • Click “Add Permission”.

  • Click “Exchange”.

  • Click “Delegated Permissions”.

  • Check “EWS.AccessAsUser.All“.

  • Click “Add Permission”.

  • Click “Grant admin consent for <tenant-name>“.

  • Click “Authentication”.

  • Under “Advanced settings” enabled the “Default client type”:

  • Click “Save”.

  • You can now copy the “Application (client) ID” in the “Overview” page and use it in the GSX Gizmo application.