How to create a clientID for the Exchange User Experience scenarios

Applies to: Gizmo 1.8+

This should be done with an Azure Administrator account (so this can be consented for the entire organization).


  1. Login to ““ with an Administrator account.

  2. Go to “Azure AD”.

  3. Then “App Registrations“.

  4. Click “New registration”.

  5. Enter a name, for example “EWS Access (GSX Gizmo)”.

  6. Click “Register”.

  7. Click “View API Permissions”.

  8. Click “Add Permission”.

  9. Click “Exchange”.

  10. Click “Delegated Permissions”.

  11. Check “EWS.AccessAsUser.All“.

  12. Click “Add Permission”.

  13. Click “Grant admin consent for <tenant-name>“.

  14. Click “Authentication”.

  15. Under “Advanced settings” enabled the “Default client type”:

  16. Click “Save”.

  17. You can now copy the “Application (client) ID” in the “Overview” page and use it in the GSX Gizmo application.