Unable to find the EWS endpoint url for accessing Exchange mailboxes


Applies to Gizmo 1.9.0 / 2.0

For Exchange Web Services (EWS) users, Autodiscover is used to find the EWS url endpoint. If you cannot connect to Autodiscover, then you cannot find this EWS url and access Exchange mailboxes. This article describes how to solve this EWS url issue.


The EWS endpoint url necessary to access the Exchange mailbox cannot be found.


  • Robots cannot connect to the Autodiscover server that is necessary to reach the EWS endpoint url.


Disable the Autodiscover settings

  • Open Gizmo application.

  • From the menu, go to the Delivery Systems page.

  • In the Delivery systems list, copy the Email EWS ID.

  • Open GSX Management PowerShell.

  • Execute the following commands:

$r = Get-GsxAlertOutputRoute -Guid af54351b-342c-43c6-b178-d0bca6123109
$r.Settings['AutoDiscover'] = $false

Configure the EWS uri in AlertOutputRoute settings

  • Execute the following commands:

$r.Settings['EWSUri'] = 'https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx'
Set-GsxAlertOutputRoute -Guid $r.Guid -Name $r.Name -Type $r.Type -Settings $r.Settings
  • Test the GSXAlertOutputRoute using the following command:

Test-GsxAlertOutputRoute -Guid af54351b-342c-43c6-b178-d0bca6123109
  • A True result should be returned.

Email EWS delivery system issue is now solved. Robots can now connect to Exchange mailboxes and trigger alerts to recipients.